Deutschland Xrechnung in 2022

Deutschland Xrechnung in 2022

The German B2G e-Invoicing mandate is commonly referred as ‘Xrechnung’. The first wave was targeted for the central government (aka Bund).

The Xrechnung journey really started end of 2020. Xrechnung is defined as a CIUS to the EN-16931 Core,  as from 1/1/2021 Version2 is to be used. Besides a number of content requirements, the public customer identification by a LeitwegID took some attention. A LeitwegID can be used for addressing as well as generic buyer reference, most of the time both correspond but in certain cases, the values differ.

Besides that, invoice delivery was the second point: if automated exchange was in scope (such as through web-services), Peppol needed to be offered as a common denominator. But we have seen most attention going to portal platforms.

On Bundes level, government has prepared 2 portals

Both these portals allow for manual upload as well as follow-up monitoring. They also provide a “robot” e-mail as well as Peppol interface.

These portals and e-mail requirements are not designed for automation and are not service provider friendly. For e-mail, the supplier needs to register and whitelist the e-Mail address he will be using for sending invoices. The Peppol gateway however is a response to these requirements.

One large buyer escapes these flows: the entities belonging to the Deutsche Bahn have their own approach, and are not connected to the portals nor addressable using Peppol.

Bremen is the first regional state that opened up for e-Invoicing using the zErika portal or Peppol delivery. In Bremen, the address for Peppol is distinct from the buer reference to be used in the transaction.

So, what then will be happening in 2022?  The B2G mandate will be extended to a number of states or regions (Länder), more specifically:

Baden-Württemberg (Leitweg prefix 08)

  • as from 1/1/2022
  • accepting Xrechnung-UBL as well as ZUGferd
  • with a ZRE (BW)portal
  • preparing for Peppol.

Bayern (09)

  • As from 18/4/2022
  • Only e-mail interface
  • No portal
  • No Peppol

Saarland (10)

  • as from 1/1/2022
  • with a RLP portal
  • no news on Peppol support.

Berlin (11)

  • As from 31/12/2022 (so technically still 2022…)
  • Only e-mail interface
  • OZG-RE portal
  • Support for Peppol