ViaAdValvas Gateway supports all documents in the Financial supply chain. Initial focus is often post-award transactions (invoice, purchase order, …), but other domains are rapidly gaining attention for which eDocument standards are being published.

Invoice assembly with support for annexes

Document transformation

Dual speed adoption with hybrid PDF

Validation – business rules and compliance

Extended reach by supporting local and industry standards


The European Norm (EN16931), defining the semantic data model of the core elements of an electronic invoice, is the natural guideline for pan-european e-invoicing implementations. The norm supports UBL and CII XML syntaxes.

ViaAdValvas Gateway supports hybrid or intelligent PDF as invoice format, with embedded UBL or CII. as a way to support dual-speed adoption, where a partner automation capabilities do not stop the digital roll-out.

As some e-invoice mandates or clearance models introduce their own syntaxes, you can rely on our document transformation services to preserve compliance.

Most of the time XML syntax is being promoted, but also historical EDI standards remain in use (eg Ansi X.21, Edifact).